The Coronavirus Effect on CRE

In light of all the craziness around us, I decided to make a video about my thoughts about the coronavirus and how it is affecting commercial real estate.  Since things are changing so fast every day, it was my goal to get this video shot and edited in the same day, because things could be very different tomorrow!In this video, I give a brief recap of what’s going on in the stock market and with the disease (as of Monday afternoon 3/16/20) and then talk about:
– The Federal Reserve Bank lowering interest rates, and how that does or doesn’t affect commercial real estate loans
– How the virus is particularly hitting the retail industry hard, and how landlords may need to work with their tenants who are struggling.

Let me know your thoughts on this video!  I hope to make another video that is more positive in a few weeks!

Here’s a link to the coronavirus simulator at the Washington Post:

Mike Lin, CRE