Coronavirus evictions


The most frequent questions I got from last week’s video were related to tenants not paying rent, and landlords having trouble making their mortgage payments. Those are the biggest questions on anyone’s mind who owns rental real estate.

In this video, I talk about what is being done by the federal and local level to help tenants and landlords deal with not being able to pay their obligations, and offer some suggestions that landlords can do in talking with their tenants that are having trouble paying their rent.

Articles that I refer to in the video:

Bill Gates’ Ted Talk:

Brad Umansky’s Blog: The April 1 Conundrum:

Fannie and Freddie will offer mortgage forbearance if they do not evict tenants impacted by the pandemic:

LA Mayor Garcetti orders moratorium on evictions, but landlords are upset:

List of cities and states that have paused evictions due to the virus:

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